Brookline Early Education Program

What Program is Best for My Child?

The purpose of this tool is to aid parents in deciding which programs will be best for their children.  It may help parents when selecting their program preferences on the BEEP application  You may select a program based on several factors:
  • The type of program offered.  BEEP offers preschool for children from 2.6 - 3.2 years old.  BEEP offers pre-K for children 3.0 - 4.11 years old.
  • The hours of operation *Please note, this does not include hours for the extended day program.
  • The days of operation.  Most programs run Monday through Friday but other options are available.
  • The availability of extended day programs.  For information about the extended day program, click here.
  • The program location.  For a map of all BEEP locations, click here.

Pick the desired factors from the drop down menus.  You may select several drop down options for the search. Leave "ALL" in the drop box if the category is not a factor in your decision.  If your search yields no results, the set of options desired is not available. Adjust your criteria and try again.  
For a list of all programs with location, hours, days of operation, extended day availability and program availability, click here.


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